Shakeys Menu:

What is Shakeys ?

Shakeys Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain based in United States. Founded in 1954, it was the first franchise pizza chain in United States. The brand became the well established franchise in the Philippines.

Shakeys contact information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7777-7777
Feedback: [email protected]
Web Form: Shakeys

Shakeys Delivery Information

The official Shakeys website provides delivery service alternatively you may use 3rd party vendors such as Grab. Click here to be taken to the official Shakeys delivery website

Do Shakeys have the same menu all over the Philippines?

Yes, currently all sell the same food items in the Philippines.


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks₱220
Garlic Bread Load₱103
Salted Skinny Fries₱209
Captain’s Choice₱503
Buffalo Wings₱287
Garlic Parmesan Skinny Fries₱262
Wings N Rings₱482
Calamari Crrunch₱398


Lousiana Shrimp Pizza₱353
Smoked Salmon Pizza₱353
Angus Burger Pizza₱353
Scallop Primo Pizza₱353
Cheesy Chick’n Pizza₱353
Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza₱353
Belly Buster Pizza₱353
Firehouse Pizza₱353
Angus Steakhouse Pizza₱353
Friday Special Pizza₱353
Manager’s Choice Pizza₱291
Hi-Protein Supreme Pizza₱291
Pepperoni Crrunch Pizza₱291
Pizza Bianca₱291
Pepperoni Pizza₱281
Garden Fresh Pizza₱281
Hawaiian Delight Pizza₱281
Classic Cheese Pizza₱281
Garlic & Cheese Pizza₱281
Shakey’s Special Pizza₱291

Chicken N Mojos

3 pc Solo Pack₱359
5 pc Buddy Pack₱559
7 pc Family Pack₱759
12 pc Party Pack₱1,259
20 pc Blowout Pack₱2,099
Mojos Supreme₱451
Basket of Mojos₱331
Mojos N Dip₱163


Black Seafood Pasta₱276
Bacon & Cheese Pasta₱227
Carbonaro Supreme₱227
Prima Lasagna₱238
Baked Italian Sausage Pasta₱239
Shrimp Aglio Olio₱276
Monster Spaghetti Meatball₱255
Seafood Marinara₱276


Super Bunch of Lunch₱298
Original Bunch of Lunch₱209
Hero Cheeseburger Double Decker₱261
Hero Cheeseburger Quarter Pounder₱199
Salad, Chicken N Pizza₱209
Hero Classic₱188
Hero Meatball₱195
2PC Chicken N Rice₱209

Slam Pizza

Shakeys Slam Pizzas are 18″ in size.

Grand Slam Pizza₱799
Super Slam Hawaiian Delight₱685
Super Slam Pepperoni Pizza₱685
Super Slam Classic Cheese Pizza₱635
Super Slam Garlic & Cheese Pizza₱635

Soups and Salads

Creamy Mushroom Soup₱104
Chef’s Choice Salad₱199
Chicken N Corn Soup₱104
Tuna Caesar Salad₱367
Greek Salad₱393
American Salad₱393
Seafood Chowder₱135
Chili Con Carne Soup₱135
Caesar Salad₱377

Group Meal Deals

Family Meal Deal 1 (1 Pizza, 1 Side, 1 Drink)₱999
Family Meal Deal 2 (1 Pizza, 2 Sides, 1 Drink)₱1,489
Family Meal Deal 3 (1 13″ Pizza, 2 Sides, 1 Drink)₱1,979
Monster Meal Deal
(2 Large Crisp Brick-Oven-Baked Pizza:
Manager`s Choice & Pepperoni Thin Crust;
2 Platters Of Rich And Flavorful Pasta:
Classic Spaghetti & Carbonara Supreme;
1 Awesome Twosome 12 Pieces Chicken)


Extra Gravy₱17
Extra Rice₱37

Dessert Pizza

Choc’o S’more₱156
Apple Crumble Pizza₱156


Soft Drink Can₱93
1.5L Soft Drink₱104

We try to keep the menu updated as much as possible, if you see any items missing or prices incorrect; contact us!

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