Macao Imperial Tea Menu:

What is Macao Imperial Tea ?

Macao Imperial Tea is a fastest growing tea brand that originated from Macau. Was introduced in the Philippines in 2017 and now have 350 branches around the world.

Macao Imperial Tea Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM / depending on store location

Macao Imperial Tea Contact Information

Address: 780 Banawe Street, Banawe, Quezon City 1100 Metro Manila

Macao Imperial Tea Online Delivery Information

You can use website for online delivery orders.

Does Macao Imperial Tea have the same menu in all their stores ?

No, Macao Imperial Tea have different menu items depending on store and location.

Below is the Macao Imperial Tea Menu


Cheesecake Purple Taro₱135₱155
Cheesecake Cocoa₱135₱155
Cheesecake Matcha₱155₱175

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea₱110₱130
Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱120₱140
Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea₱125₱145
Cream Cheese Ruby Tea₱130₱150
Cream Cheese Four Seasons Tea₱130₱150
Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea₱135₱155
Cream Cheese Uji Matcha₱150₱170
Cream Cheese Cocoa₱135₱155


Brewed Lemon Iced Red Tea₱110₱130
Kumquat Lemon Tea₱120₱140
Cranberry Tea₱120₱140

Red Bean

Red Bean and Pudding Matcha₱150₱170
Red Bean and Matcha Milk Shake₱150₱170


Yakult Green Tea₱75₱95
Mango Yakult₱120₱140
Lemon Yakult₱120₱140


Cappuccino Mpresso₱150₱170
Mocha Mpresso₱165185
White Mocha Mpresso₱175₱195
Caramel Mpresso₱175₱195
Cappuccino (Iced)₱140₱160
Americano (Iced)₱130₱150
Latte (Iced)₱140₱160
Mocha (Iced)₱155₱175
White Mocha (Iced)₱165₱185
Caramel Macchiato (Iced)₱165₱185
Americano (Hot)₱130N/A
Latte (Hot)₱140N/A
Cappuccino (Hot)₱140N/A
Mocha (Hot)₱155N/A
White Mocha (Hot)₱165N/A
Caramel Macchiato (Hot)₱165N/A

Chestnut Cream

Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Tea₱120₱140
Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱125₱145
Chestnut Cream Tea₱135₱155
Chestnut Cream Cocoa₱135₱155
Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha₱155₱175

Milk Tea

Original Milk Tea₱90₱110
Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱110₱130
Red Bean and Pudding Milk Tea₱130₱150


Lemon Fizz Soda₱145
Over the Rainbow Soda₱165
Blue Cucarao Soda₱145
Cherry Blossom Soda₱145
Midsummer Soda₱145
Green Apple Soda₱145

Chocolate Series

Triple Chocolate Caramel₱165₱185
Triple Chocolate₱165₱185
Triple Chocolate Hazelnut₱165₱185
Strawberries and Cream₱165₱185
Triple Chocolate Almond₱165₱185
Black Forest Mpresso₱165₱185
Choco Coffee Delight Mpresso₱165₱185
Matcha Berry Mpresso₱165₱185
Cotton Candy Mallows Mpresso₱165₱185

Special Drink

Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱160
Kitten Milk Tea₱130
For You
An iced caramel macchiato flavored drink placed
in a glass white bear tumbler
For Me
An iced strawberry milk flavored drink placed
in a glass black bear tumbler

We try to keep the menu updated as much as possible but if you see any items missing and prices incorrect; contact us!

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