KFC Menu:

What is KFC?

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a Amercian fast food brand that originally started in a gas station. Now KFC is one of the most popular chain arond the world, without mentioning that its the most popular fried chicken fastfood chain.

KFC Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 7 AM – 11 PM or depending on location.

KFC Contact Information

Phone: 88-878888
Address: Ramcar Center 80-82 Roces Avenue Quezon City Metro Manila
City of Quezon City, Metro Manila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KFC/
Twitter: KFCPhilippines
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kfcphilippines/

KFC Online Delivery Information

You can order direct online using the offical website: https://www.kfc.com.ph/

Who owns KFC?

KFC is owned by Yum! Brands inc.

Do KFC have the same menu all over the Philippines?

Yes, KFC Philippines have the same menu in all their stores.

Below is the KFC Menu


Hash Brown₱35
A.M. Or Pandesal₱79
A.M. Or Pandesal Combo₱104
A.M. Egg Pandesal Combo₱65
A.M. Ham Pandesal Combo₱90
Arroz Caldo Meal₱115
A.M 1-PC Chicken Ala Carte₱99
A.M 1-PC Chicken Rice Meal₱125
A.M Steak Rice Bowl Combo₱125
A.M Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl₱100
A.M Flavorshots Rice Meal₱95
A.M Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl Combo₱125

Group Meals

3-PC Variety Bucket Meal With 1.5L Coke₱545
4-PC Variety Bucket Meal With 1.5L Coke₱780
6-PC Bucket Meal₱499
8-PC Bucket Meal₱699
6-PC Bucket Meal With Rice Drinks & Spaghetti₱620
8-PC Bucket Meal With Rice Drinks & Spaghetti₱879
6-PC Bucket Meal With Rice Fixins, Drinks & Brownies₱610
8-PC Bucket Meal With Rice Fixins, Drinks & Brownies₱820
6-PC Bucket Meal With Rice & Drinks₱490
8-PC Bucket Meal With Rice & Drinks₱654
3-PC Chicken & Zinger Steak Box₱499
4-PC Chicken & Zinger Steak Box₱699

All Chicken Buckets

Bucket Of 6₱430
Crispy Strips Bucket₱299
3-PC Variety Bucket₱465
Bucket Of 8₱570
Bucket Of 10₱699
4-PC Variety Bucket₱669
Bucket Of 15₱999
Bucket Of 20₱1320

Fully Loaded Meals

Cheesy Chili Con Famous Bowl₱190
Chicken Chops₱165
Korean BBQ Flavorshot₱160
Famous Bowl₱175

Signature Meals

Crispy Strips With Rice Combo₱122
Chicken Chops Ala Catre₱59
Chicken Chops Meal₱79
Crispy Strips With Rice Meal₱99
Chicken Chops Meal₱99
Korean BBQ Flavorshots Combo₱94
Korean BBQ Flavorshots Meal₱74
1-PC Chicken Meal With Soup₱122
1-PC Chicken Meal With Mash Potato₱122
1-PC Chicken Meal₱99
2-PC Chicken Meal With Fixin₱195
2-PC Chicken Meal₱179
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal With Buttered Corn₱140
Crispy Strips With Rice₱89
Korean BBQ Flavorshots Ala Catre₱55
Ala King Zinger Steak Ala Catre₱100
1-PC Chicken Ala Catre₱89
2-PC Chicken Ala Catre₱160

Pastas & Bowls

Cheesy Chili Con Carne Meal₱95
Ala King Rice Bowl Meal₱135
1-PC Chicken Spaghetti Meal₱130
Famous Bowl Meal₱80
Cheesy Chili Con Carne Bowl₱80
Ala King Rice Bowl₱105
Crispy Strips Spaghetti₱108
Famous Bowl₱65


Shots Combo₱110₱165

Burgers & Twisters

Cheesy Chilli Con Twister₱112
Cheesy Chilli Con Twister Combo₱156
Zinger Combo₱153
Twister Combo₱150
California Maki Twister₱106

Fixins & Extras

Crispy Fries₱42₱60
Mashed Potato₱42₱60
Buttered Corn₱42₱60
Cheesy Chili Con Junior
Bucket Of Fies
Junior Bucket Of Fried₱80N/A
Mushroom Soup₱35N/A
Extra Rice₱25N/A
Addon: Cheese Sauce₱20N/A


Coke Float₱37
Coke Zero Float₱37
Royal Float₱37
Sprite Float₱37


Iced Tea₱56₱61₱67
Coke Zero₱47₱58₱65
Brewed Coffe₱35N/AN/A
Creamy Iced Coffee₱55N/AN/A
Black Iced Coffee₱45N/AN/A

We try to keep the menu updated as much as possible, if you see any items missing or prices incorrect; contact us!

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