Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu:

What is Kenny Rogers Roasters ?

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a casual dining restaurant Founded in 1991 with 350 branches all over the world. With their first original menu of wood-fired rotisserie chicken.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM
Friday to Saturday 10 AMM- 10 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM

Kenny Rogers Roasters Contact Information

Phone: 8-555-9000
Address: Singapore Airlines Building, 138 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Makati City Metro Manila

Kenny Rogers Roasters Online Delivery Information

You can use website for online orders.

Does Kenny Rogers have the same menu all over the Philippines?

Yes, Kenny Rogers Roasters have the same menu item in all their stores across the country.

Below is the Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu


Classic Chicken Plate₱220
Corned Beef Plate₱209
Spam Plate₱209
Corned Beef and Cheese OMLT₱193
Bacon and Egg Sandwich₱154
Spam and Egg Sandwich₱154
Sunny Side-up Egg₱33
Scrambled Egg₱33

Solo Plates

Quarter Classic Super Solo Chicken₱345
2 OMG Original Super Solo Chicken₱345
2 OMG Spicy Super Solo Chicken₱345
Quarter Classic Solo B₱300
2 OMG Original Solo B₱300
2 OMG Spicy Solo B₱300
Quarter Classic Solo A₱265
2 OMG Original Solo A₱265
2 OMG Spicy Solo A₱265

Rib Plates

Honey Bourbon Ribs A₱425
Spiced Ribs A₱440
Honey Bourbon Super Solo Ribs₱510
Spiced Super Solo Ribs₱520
Honey Bourbon Ribs B₱460
Spiced Ribs₱475

Grilled Plates

Premium Steak₱550

Healthy Plates

Chimichurri Chicken Classic Healthy Plate₱335
Chimichurri Chicken High Fiber Meal₱335
Chimichurri Chicken High Protein Meal₱335
Quarter Classic Chicken High Fiber Meal₱315
OMG Original High Fiber Meal₱315
OMG Spicy High Fiber Meal₱315
Quarter Classic Chicken Classic Healthy Plate₱315
OMG Original Classic Healthy Plate₱315
OMG Spicy Classic Healthy Plate₱315
Quarter Classic Chicken High Protein Meal₱315
OMG Original High Protein Meal₱315
OMG Spicy High Protein Meal₱315
Low Calorie Meal₱315


Ala CarteCombo
Chunky Tuna Sandwich₱145₱185
Ham and Cheese Sandwich₱165₱209
Roasted Chicken Sandwich₱180₱220
BBQ Pork Bun Sandwich₱225₱265

Ala Carte

Classic Roasted₱190₱345₱655
Chimichurri Chicken₱210₱355₱705
Spiced RibsN/A₱514₱800
OMG Spicy2 pc
4 pc
8 pc
Potato Chips₱50
1 pc Corn Muffin₱20
Box of 6 Corn Muffin₱99
Caesar Salad₱160
Kani and Mango Salad₱160
Steamed Rice₱33
Java Rice₱39
Garlic Rice₱39
Chicken Noodle Soup₱77
1 pc Crinkle Muffin₱22
Buy 1 Get 1 Crinkle Muffin (box of 6)₱120


Chicken Burrito₱215

Corner Pizza

Bacon Margherita₱449
Garlic and Cheese₱449
Four Cheese Pizza₱499
Bacon Cheeseburger₱549
Pepperoni Pizza₱499
Roasted Chicken Fajita₱499
Philly Cheesesteak₱549
Corner Pizza Bogo₱499

Group Meals

Chimichurri Group Meal₱1,090
Quarter Classic Chicken Rib and
Chicken Group Meal
OMG Spicy Ribs and Chicken Group Meal₱1,205
OMG Original Ribs Chicken Group Meal₱1,205
Half Slab of Honey Bourbon Ribs and
Chicken Group Meal
Half Slab of Spiced Ribs and Chicken
Group Meals
Spiced Ribs Group Meals₱1,690
Sausage All Grilled Group Meal₱1,410
Rosemary and Thyme All Grilled
Group Meal
Burger Steak All Grilled Group Meal₱1,410
Spiced Rib All Grilled Group Meals₱1,410
Honey Bourbon Rib All Grilled Group Meal₱1,660
OMG Original Chicken Group Meals₱1,040
1 Whole Classic Chicken Group Meals₱1,040
Half Classic Chicken Group Meals₱1,040
OMG Spicy Chicken Group Meals₱1,040
Honey Bourbon Ribs₱1,660


Baked Mac and Cheese Platter₱419
Baked Tex Mex Platter₱419
Spaghetti Carbonara₱165

Side Dish

TCO Salad₱55₱83
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato₱55₱83
Macaroni and Cheese₱55₱83
Fresh Fruits Salad₱55₱83
Chicken Macaroni Salad₱55₱83
Sour Cream and Chives Potato₱55₱83
Corn and Carrots₱55₱83
Chicken Macaroni Salad with Muffin₱127
Side Sampler₱154


Sesame Dressing₱17
Caesar Dressing₱17
Garlic Bread₱28


Chocolate Mousse₱61


Soda in Can₱66
Regular Soda₱55
Pet Pepsi₱33
Pet Lemon₱33
Regular Pineapple Juice₱66
Large Pineapple Juice₱72
Bottled Water₱44

We try to keep the menu updated as much as possible but if you see any items missing and prices incorrect; contact us!

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