J.Co Donuts Menu:

What is J Co Donuts?

J Co Donuts is a Indonesian café and restaurant chain. Founded in 2006 with their first store in Indonesia and they now have 44 store in the Philippines that started in 2012. Specializing in donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt.

J Co Donuts Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM

J Co Donuts Contact Information

Address: 3/F, Greenbelt 3, Esperanza Street, Ayala Center, Makati City 1226 Metro Manila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/J.COPhils/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcodonutsandcoffee/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JcoPHtweets/

J Co Donuts Online Delivery Information

You can use https://www.grab.com/ph/food/ website for online delivery orders.

Does J Co Donuts have the same menu items in all their branch?

Yes, J Co Donuts and Coffee have the same menu in all their stores.

Below is the J Co Donuts Menu


Each1/2 Doz1 Doz2 Doz
Alcapone Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Avocado Dicaprio Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Berry Spears Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Black Jack Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Blue Berrymore Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Candy Cane Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Caviar Chocolate Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Caviar Strawberry Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Cheese Cakelicious Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Choconutzy Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Coco Loco Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Copa Banana Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Crunchy Crunchy Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Don Mochino Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Forest Glam Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Glazzy Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Green Tease Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660
Heaven Berry Donut₱45₱255₱405₱660

J Pops

(24 pcs in a Box)
Jacky Chunk Honey-Glazed Donut₱295
Jcoccino Donut₱295
Marble Hazel Donut₱295
Meisissippi Donut₱295
Mr. Green Tea Donut₱295
Oreology Donut₱295
Snow White Donut₱295
Strawberry Fondue Donut₱295
Sugar Ice Donut₱295
Tira Miss U Donut₱295
White Desert Donut₱295
Why Nut Donut₱295

J club

Cheezy Rich Sweet Donut₱48
Chicken Salami Savory Donut₱48
Egg Mayonnaise Savory Donut₱48
Katsu Savory Donut₱48
Omelette Savory Donut₱48
Red Velvet Sweet Donut₱48
Sausage Savory Donut₱48

J Coffee

Small MediumLarge
Americano Hot Black Coffee₱85₱100₱110
Avocado Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Cafe Latte Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Caramel Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Caramel Jcoccino Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Espresso Strong & Concentrated Coffee Shot₱85₱100₱110
Hazelnut Lattee Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Jcoccino Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Jcoccino Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Jcoccino Honey Dates Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Macchiato Espresso₱85₱100₱110
Mocha Espresso Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Mocha Espresso Frappe Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
Piccolo Espresso Shot₱85₱100₱110
V60 Drip Premium J.Coffee₱85₱100₱110
White Chocolate Espresso Frappe₱85₱100₱110


Couple Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱190
Sharing Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱95
Single Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱155
To Go Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt₱240

We try to keep the menu updated as much as possible but if you see any items missing and prices incorrect; contact us!

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