About Us

Foodmenu.ph is a small team of people mainly based in the Philippines. We found it extremely frustrating trying to find Restaurant and Fast-food menus across our country so to solve the issue we decided to make a website and publish every single menu across our country.

You can navigate the website by clicking the word Food menus in our Top Menu bar which will navigate you to another page from there you can see our latest added menu or browse by category such as the main food item the restaurants or fast food sell.

Our Front page also includes a gallery of our latest food menu’s. Most importantly we hope you find this website as useful as we do. We will always update the website, menus, and prices.

Why Menus?

Foodmenu.ph was started to make it easier to find food menus and the prices of the items. We found it hard to find information on food menus with prices. So we hope this website helps you!

Even if you spend a while looking for the menu you normally find the 3rd party websites pricing is completly wrong as we found out! The delivery websites put extra PHP on the food menu Items to make more profit.

We found websites like Grab or foodpanda to be more expensive and unreliable on what the resturants and chains sell in store it seems they do not update the listings as much as they should.

We hope you enjoy your Pagkain! (Food)


Pinoy food is starting to gain more tension around the world. It’s one of the most underated cusines including its chains around the globe. As time goes on it will only get more popular.

The Philippines has some of the most dense citys in the world. More people equals more creativity in the country, when it comes to food.